The UK government has compiled, or will compile,  several centralised databases on UK citizens.   Some of these are more justified than the others. We take it for granted that there will be strict access control to these databases.


The main centralised databases in the UK are as follows:

1) National Health Service

This is a record of everyone’s health history.  Only a summary will be available for most users.  There is no doubt that medical staff would benefit from having a complete medical history when treating someone unfamiliar e.g. when away from their usual location.

2) DNA Profile

The UK is a pioneer in this field and has more people on the DNA database than any other country.  The police record the DNA profile of each person who is arrested.  The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that this approach is illegal because a DNA record is kept for those who are acquitted and for children. The UK government is rethinking this.

3) Work and Pensions Database

Each working person requires a National Insurance Number (NINO). Also,  to receive a pension, a NINO is required.  NINOs are not unique since people may register themselves more than once under different names. A NINO is regarded as important as an indicator of financial eligibility.

4) National Identity based on biometrics

The new UK passport stores some biometric information.  This reduces the risk of identity proliferation.

5) National Identity Card

It is not mandatory to carry a National Identity card. There is a government plan to have a National Identity card which will only be mandatory for certain categories of people – at first.

6) The government has announced that it is to record all internet and phone traffic interchanges – although not the content.


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